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Mahabis: Literally the Coolest Slipper You Can Buy

A new take on the classic slipper that we can’t stop obsessing over.

If you work from home or simply need a slipper that can handle your jam-packed Sunday at home without overheating and turning into a damp mess, you need to check out Mahabis.

We’ve been obsessing over Mahibis since we discovered them and with many new options available it looks like the time is right to upgrade our slippers.

The Mahabis classic slipper includes a detachable sole, allowing you to leave the outdoors in your entryway instead of traipsing it all over your house or apartment. This also allows you to customize the color by swapping soles before you run out on a quick errand.

The coolest slipper you can buy.
The coolest slipper you can buy.

The back of the Mahabis classic slipper folds down for an easy slip on experience or stays up to keep the slipper snuggly on your foot while you are out and about. It’s the best of both worlds.

Mahabis’ lining is made of sheep’s wool with just the right amount of warmth to keep you comfortable, but without the fluff, bulk, and synthetics that turn many slippers into a sweaty, smelly mess in weeks. The Mahabis classic is $99 with one free pair of soles. You can add another pair of soles for $19.

In addition to the classic Mahabis slipper, the company now sells a Summer slipper that is lightweight to let more air flow. This could replace flip flops as your go-to summer footwear. Like the classic Mahabis, the Summer slipper includes a detachable sole and the focus on comfort. Mahabis Summer slippers are $99 with one pair of soles.

If you need something cooler and even more lightweight, check out this summer slipper.
If you need something cooler and even more lightweight, check out this summer slipper.

Upscale shoppers can opt for the Mahabis Luxe, that includes a Nubuck leather upper and premium wool lining. This collection is available in two colors for $186.

You can choose a range of colors for the soles and buy more as you need them. Mahabis offers free worldwide shipping.

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