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Amazon’s Coolest Deal Today: Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer

Unleash your inner barista. And save 39%.

Amazon has a bunch of daily deals up. But today’s Coolest Deal up at Amazon is the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer. It brings the coffeeshop to your counter for $121.99 (instead of almost $200). It automatically pulls from a water reservoir that you don’t have to refill as often, and it figures out how much to put in the carafe or cup you put under the spout. Easy, flavor rich coffee.

Why Buy It?

It’s made by┬áNinja! What are you even talking about? It’s a company called Ninja!

Seriously though, Ninja’s blenders are frigging dynamite. Consumer Reports keeps giving them high marks, so they’re not just cool sounding but durable and get the job done. The brand is solid.

  • Includes: 18oz. Hot and Cold Tumbler, Glass Ninja Easy Milk Frother, 40 recipe cookbook, permanent filter, 5 paper filters, Ninja coffee scoop, & 43 oz. Stainless Double-Wall Thermally Insulated Carafe
  • Multi-Serve Dial lets you choose a size for a cup, travel mug, half carafe, or carafe
  • Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology allows you to dial up the flavor richness level and choose a brew: Classic, Rich, Over Ice, or Specialty
  • Auto-iQ One Touch Intelligence draws just the right amount of water needed from the reservoir based on the brew size and brew type you select
  • 43 oz. Stainless Double-Wall Thermally Insulated Carafe, traps in the fresh coffee flavor and keeps your coffee hot for up to 2 hours without a warming plate

Save Money by Making Your Own Coffee

Personal finance experts always point out just how expensive buying a cup of coffee every morning is over time. So buy this, save money in the long run.

We’re here to help provide justifications!

Have We Reviewed This to Recommend It?

No, but I do own a Ninja Blender and love it. I’ll have to review it sometime soon.


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