The Coolest Damn Cooler in the Whole World

If you're going to have to leave the comforts of home behind, a cooler that blends, plays music, recharges your gadgets and, oh yes, keeps your stuff cold... it's really a necessity isn't it?

I’m in love with a cooler. The Coolest Cooler.

I guess it is the cooler our connected age deserves. With all the laptop bags with batteries and USB chargers in them so that you could top off your devices batteries I guess it was only a matter of time before someone thought of slapping a battery in a cooler and putting some USB plugs on the top of a cooler. But this cooler goes a step further, because it’s not just trying to appeal to people who just can’t bear to be away from their phone for a few more hours.

So we also have a bluetooth speaker. Instant party! Use the phone to DJ, not to catch up on office mail. This is getting away, not tethered to. Thank you Coolest Cooler.

Because sometimes, not often, but sometimes, you just want to get away from it all and go camping. Or on a picnic. Or even the beach. And we’re not barbarians, so having a good escape from the house means taking along chilled drinks or packing food that might spoil. That means a cooler.

Add in a blender (yes, a freaking blender, because mixed drinks!), plates, a corkscrew (because maybe someone wants to drink wine because they’re just that civilized) and a knife, and you have the cooler we deserve.

The Coolest Cooler. We knew humanity could do it. And someone did.

And I’m grateful.

When the nuclear apocalypse comes, I’ll be pushing this around in a shopping cart through the ashes.

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