Watch 25 Airbags Explode in Slow Motion [4K Video]

Watch 25 airbags explode in slow motion, packed with colorful dye to make an amazing rainbow of slow motion coolness.

What happens when you set off 25 airbags packed with colorful dye and capture it all in slow motion? This amazing video.

The Slow Mo Guys set the bar for amazing slow motion videos on YouTube and the dynamic duo is back to set off 25 airbags in slow motion — and capture it all in 4K.

To truly enjoy this, you need to watch in 4K on a 4K monitor or TV, but you can also watch it on your phone to get a taste of what this video offers. On the video above, you can tap or click on the settings icon and then choose 2160p as the resolution so that you see everything in full 4k glory.

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